Professionally managing your medications to reduce instances of non-compliance

As we age, the list of medications and the number of times per day we are charged with remembering to take multiplies.  We have all been guilty of forgetting to take prescribed medications on time.  For elderly adults who mismanage their medications, it can lead to irreparable harm.  According to a study reported in Clinical Care & Aging based on geriatric participants still living at home, “adverse drug events in older persons led to hospitalizations in 25% of those age 80 years and older.”  In other words, 1 out of every 4 aging adults over 80 ended up in the hospital because of errors made with his/her medication regimen.

A few common reasons why older adults who live alone or at home are noncompliance in taking their medication are:

nurse selecting medicine for senior woman
  • Increased memory impairment caused by aging-related issues and illnesses
  • The inability to successfully utilize medication reminders like pillboxes and call reminders
  • The inability to open containers

How Can a Caregiver Help?

Ability Homecare caregivers can ensure safe and effective management of medications by:

  • Helping care recipient’s get prescriptions filled
  • Offering verbal reminders/prompts to take medications on time and in the correct way
  • Reporting negative drug reactions
  • Encouraging care recipients to be engaged in their own care

RN Supervision

Medication management is a multi-faceted process of reconciling, monitoring, and assessing the medications an individual takes to assure compliance with specific medication regimen, while also ensuring the individual avoids potentially dangerous drug interactions and other complications.  Our experienced home health licensed nurses can improve the individual’s management of their medications, consequently, improving the individual’s quality of life.  To learn more about Ability Homecare Medication Management Assessment, contact us.

Long-term Care Assessment?

Long-term Care insurance benefits vary.  You may have a long-term care insurance policy but coverage for in-home care benefits are not guaranteed.  Certain conditions and requirements must be met.  One requirement is that the policyholder must undergo a long-term care assessment.  A long-term assessment measures the policyholder’s ability to perform the ADL and is used by the insurance company to determine if care needs qualify for covered benefits.  

For a thorough assessment, contact us or set an appointment with us.

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