We get to know who we are caring for
portrait of senior couple and caregiver

What is Home Care?

Home care involves both skilled home health services and non-skilled home health services.  Ability Homecare provides non-skilled home health services, also referred to as non-medical home care.  Non-medical home care does not require a physician’s order.  Non-medical home care is furnished by caregivers who assist with personal care – the activities of daily living (ADL) and custodial care – the instrumental activities of daily living (IADL).  

Why Should I Have An Individual Consultation?

If you are new to home care or embarking on establishing services with a new agency, you probably have a lot of questions. Finding information and selecting the right agency can be overwhelming.  Our individual consultation is free.  During the initial individual consultation, the coordinator will carefully assess your needs, recommend home care solutions, and if our agency is chosen to develop an individual plan of care.  Ability Homecare does not pressure families to choose our agency.  When you decide to engage in-home care services, we hope that we made you feel comfortable with our services and that you choose us.  

Long-term Care Assessment

Long-term Care insurance benefits vary.  You may have a long-term care insurance policy but coverage for in-home care benefits are not guaranteed.  Certain conditions and requirements must be met.  One requirement is that the policyholder must undergo a long-term care assessment.  A long-term assessment measures the policyholder’s ability to perform the ADL and is used by the insurance company to determine if care needs qualify for covered benefits.  

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