24/7 Supervision for your loved ones
caregiver and old woman showing their genuine smile

Around-the-Clock Care, also known as 24-Hour Care, is for individuals who need constant care and supervision.  Depending on the care recipient’s preference, caregivers work an 8-hour or 12-hour shift.  Ability Homecare understands that Around-the-Clock Care can be expensive, and because this is truly our calling, we keep our rates very affordable.  Around-the-Clock Care is needed when:

  • The individual is an inpatient at a health care facility and he/she could benefit from one-on-one, personal care
  • The individual is returning home from a stay in a facility and requires home care to aid in their recovery
  • The individual is terminally ill and is unable to perform the activities of daily living
  • The individual is bedridden and to prevent skin breakdown, must be re-positioned frequently
  • The individual is prone to wandering; wakes up during the night disoriented and for his/her safety, must be watched at all times

If you think you or your loved ones need Around-the-Clock Care, set an appointment with us or contact us for more details.

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